Tor Bridges

As with other circumvention resources, the dashboard takes the approach of managing collections of resources that are uniformly configured and expendable. For this reason the only configuration that can be performed is at a high level with the management of individual resources taking place through the automation subsystem.

Once your administrator has provided you access to the portal, you can begin to configure your Tor Bridge deployments. To get started, select “Tor Bridges” under “Configuration” from the menu on the left hand side. If you are using a mobile device, you may need to click the hamburger icon at the top of the screen to open the menu.


New Configuration

To create a new configuration, click “Create new configuration” at the top of the configuration list. This will present you with the new configuration form:



The provider that the bridges should be deployed to. Your administrator must have configured this provider before any resources will be deployed.

Distribution Method

The distribution method for BridgeDB. Unless you have specific requirements you will likely choose either “Any” to allow for BridgeDB to allocate the bridge to where it is most needed, or “None” to have a bridge that is not distributed by BridgeDB for you to distribute directly to the end-user via another channel.


A free-form text description to help identify the collection.


The group the collection belongs to.


The number of bridges to deploy. When editing, increasing or decreasing this number will cause new bridges to be created, or existing bridges to be destroyed, so that the number deployed will match this number.

Edit Configuration


See the “New Configuration” section above for the descriptions of each field.

Destroy Configuration


When destroying a configuration, the bridges deployed for that configuration will be automatically destroyed with it.

Bridge Rotation


If not using an automated block detection and replacement system, bridges can be manually replaced as needed. When viewing the bridge list, either while editing the configuration or the full list of bridges, select “Mark as blocked”. The bridge will be replaced on the next automation run.